The Relation of Literature and Learning to Social Hierarchy in Early Modern Europe

The following seminars will be held in Hilary Term 2023 in All Souls College, Oxford, at the times and in the rooms indicated. There will be two papers per session (except for the final one).

All very welcome.

Events in this series

Modern Languages

The discipline of Modern Languages is increasingly understood as embracing the study of living languages – and of their associated cultures – from all over the globe, rather than just from Europe. The Marshal Foch Professorship of French literature is attached to the College. The present incumbent, Catriona Seth, works principally on the literature and cultural history of the French-speaking world in the eighteenth-century. Neil Kenny is a Senior Research Fellow working on literature, learning, and society in early modern France and other parts of Europe. A Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Karolina Watroba, works on modern German and comparative literature. Among the researchers listed on the 'History', 'Oriental Studies', and 'Social Anthropology' pages are others whose work involves the study of languages (from across the world) in their cultural context. The College also periodically supports Visiting Fellows who work in Modern Languages.

Current Fellows: